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Graphi Gang


GRAPHI, a new unisex sportswear brand for kids aged 4-14 years. GRAPHI re-frames and re-energises the kids sportswear market.

Based in London, the brand is led by an all-female team of respected industry veterans who previously held senior positions at: Alexander McQueen, IVY PARK, Kanye West and Off-White.

The collection features t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and accessories. 90% of product is made from organic cotton, all inks are both non-toxic/vegan and packaging is 100% recyclable.

Graphics will always be a focus. Our message is strong, renegade and unapologetic. We are consistently inspired by our team of emerging young creators and artists, our GRAPHI designers. Our collection is built using only the best fabrics and yarns, that are built to last. Our core value is to remain as price sensitive, sustainable and earth friendly as possible.’ Comments Sara Burn, Creative Director.

Graphi celebrates the everyday sports – kids running with their dogs, riding bikes with their friends, skateboarding to school and climbing trees in the park. GRAPHI encourages kids to collaborate and support each other by showing up against all the odds:  when it’s raining, when they’ve forgotten their hoody, when they are tired. GRAPHI teaches connectivity, communication, dedication and perseverance. More importantly than ever, GRAPHI teaches kids that sport is vital to healthy mind as well as a healthy heart.

‘Our mission is to infuse kids with confidence, courage, strength and happiness through sport.  The collection is non-body conscious, offering an alternative to what’s currently being marketed to our kids right now ie: adult clothes shrunk into kids sizes including bra taps for eight year olds – no thanks. Furthermore, we do away with gender constructs or stereotypes such as pink for girls and blue for boys. At GRAPHI there’s: no A team, no getting picked last, no effort too small. GRAPHI gives kids a tool kit for life:  in the playground, the classroom and one day in the work place. Every kid is welcome here - there’s room for everyone in this gang.’ Comments Amie Witton-Wallace, Brand Director.

Photography and video by: Type Ten

Launch film music by: Kilimanjaro - The Revenge Edit (Letta Mbulu, The Revenge). Search Spotify for Horse Meat Disco; Meet Me Down the Disco