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At GRAPHI we love all the Mums - especially Mother Nature!

GRAPHI strives to be as kind to the world as possible. 80% of our pieces are made from organic cotton and all our pieces are printed with non-toxic ink.

100% of our packaging is made from recyclable materials including our stickers and tape.

Our photo and video shoots are small, local and created with as little impact on the environment as possible. 

We recognise that, as a business we aren’t 100% there yet and Brexit has (like many other small businesses) definitely presented even more challenges around sustainability. But we are consciously navigating our way through it in order to deliver our values.

Part of that navigation is to create collections based on demand. As such our next collection is pre-order only. 

This includes pieces to keep active in or cozy up before or after sport.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to be more sustainable, ensuring ALL our kids have a more beautiful world to live in. GRAPHI Gang you are the best!